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Best Christmas Toys For Young Children: Get Fly With Elmo Ride On

Every year, major toy retailers release lists of what they think are going to be the best Christmas toys that year. For 2010 one of the most popular gifts for young ones is the Fly With Elmo toy.

The Fly with Elmo ride on is designed for toddlers aged one to three years old. It is a colorful plane with a seat for your little one. Elmo sits happily in the front ready to go. It has a working propeller and flashing lights that come to life when touching a button. It was also designed with parents in mind. It has a storage unit under the seat and can also volume controls when you would rather have silence.

What Makes It So Fun?

Toddlers will love taking a ride out doors or scooting around in the house. There is a throttle and steering wheel that moves. Little ones can help steer Elmo anywhere they’d like to go. Fly with Elmo ride on is able to hold up to 65 pounds and smaller children as young as a year old can feel their feet on the floor. Adult supervision is recommended for smaller children. Pushing the ignition will cause the propeller to spin but not to worry its plastic material is safe to use. The wings of the plane also make cool sounds during turns, which makes for real make believe play.

Why Is It One Of The Best Christmas Toys For Young Children?

Small children are impressed with all of the flashing lights and sounds that it will hold their attention for hours. Parents will delight in watching their child have so much fun. Other features include Elmo’s moving eyes; he talks on the ride and musical sounds. It is battery operated, which are not included. It requires two double A batteries to operate. Parents can also teach their toddlers responsibility by having them put away all smaller toys inside of the storage area under the seat.

The steering wheel has two buttons to activate the fun. One button is for Elmo to start talking while the other button prompts musical sounds your kids will love. Other similar toys are the Disney Tigger Plane Activity ride on. It also provides much fun for little ones with flashing lights and fun Tigger sounds. He also bounces up and down with his little kangaroo friend Roo. The Fly with Elmo ride on, as any Fly With Elmo review will tell you, is tons of fun for your preschooler or toddler.

This really is one of the best Christmas toys for young children, so you’d better buy it quick if you want to get it while it’s still in stock! Check out my Sing-A-Ma-Jigs review for discount links and even more top Christmas toy gift ideas.

How to Hunt For the Best Christmas Toys and Other Christmas Shopping Tips

How does one find the best Christmas toys when one’s left things just a little late? You ask yourself…

Of course you didn’t plan it this way, it just sort of snuck up on you…

You’d even made a resolution this year to have your shopping done early this Christmas. Maybe too, you felt confident that you would achieve your goal. With plenty of time up your sleeve it was looking good too, you had a vision in your head of kicking back on your sofa relaxing, having finished already, while your friends were rushing about in the usual mad frenzy.

But now Christmas is just around the corner and far from having everything under control, you haven’t even started!

Nice idea at the time you think! Now it’s time to get a move-on, you can hardly leave it much longer, what with the last minute Christmas hordes hustling about frantically and snapping up the most popular Christmas toys. If you don’t get it done some poor child will end up broken-hearted this year, leaving you with horrible memories for the next 12 months!

If you want to get the best Christmas Toys of 2009, you had best start getting into gear right now for they will get snapped up nearly as fast as they hit the shelves!

How To Get On Top Of Things

Yes, it is true. You should IDEALLY have started your Christmas shopping immediately after last Christmas ended. By starting I mean DOING. Making a resolution is not the same as KEEPING a resolution, but better late than not at all as they say.

The process of shopping for Christmas is not simply to chase down every toy in the hottest toys for Christmas 2009 catalogues, but to organize yourself with a little planning and a Christmas list or two. While you may be a late starter, it is not too late for a successful Christmas shop and if you follow these simple tips you will most likely be much better prepared than most of the last minute Christmas shoppers in town. So lets get cracking!

Shopping Tips For Christmas

The first step in any shopping campaign for Christmas is to start a list of everyone you are buying gifts for (adults as well as children).

Then set an overall Christmas budget. This number is how much you can afford to spend overall. Then divide this number by the number of people on your list and you have a spending limit on each person.

The last step in the planning phase is to make a list of gift ideas. It is usually best to take a bit of time thinking about each person’s personality and interests. I know you are rushed for time, but trust me, it will be well worth it!

This last step can be done by listing each person on your list and a range of potential gift ideas bellow each person’s name. Try and list more than one potential gift, just in case you have difficulty buying your preferred choice.

Do not be afraid to go to town with your ideas. Your list is only a guide, not your bible. Include as many gifts as you like, you can refine your choices at a later stage.

If you get stuck, hop online and search for “top 10 Christmas toys” on Google. It will give you some idea about what’s hot this season. is a great source of gift ideas too and we also have toy lists that are worthy of your time. Our toy lists feature only products that have received the highest customer reviews on Amazon, meaning we have already filtered them for quality, saving you time.

When you shop, there is absolutely no onus on sticking to your list. The list is only for ideas and chances are you will think of something that is a better match for a person than your original choice.

While doing a little planning can save your sanity this Christmas, finding the best Christmas online toys online can save you sanity AND time. Especially if you decide to shop online instead of visiting a physical shop. Most online retails offer the added convenience of gift wrapping and delivering your orders directly to the recipient if desired making it the perfect solution for those last minute shoppers who want to get ahead of the game.

Best Learning Toys For Babies

Beyond a doubt, the best learning toys for babies are objects that they will be attracted to, want to touch and explore, and are safe for little hands and mouths.

Babies are pretty easy to please, but there are things to look for that will not only keep your baby occupied with exploring; teach them a bit about the world at the same time. Here are some things to look for when buying your baby their first toys.

—Non-toxic, safe materials. Babies love to explore and one of the ways the youngest does this is by putting everything in their mouths. As adults, we are sometimes horrified by the items we have to pull from their grasps, but it’s just a baby’s way of learning. So if they’re going to be stuffing things in, make certain you pay attention to age limits, even if you think your baby is “advanced.” Large objects made with non-toxic materials from reputable toy companies are always a safe bet. Don’t be discouraged if your baby puts the blocks in their mouths instead of building the Sydney Opera House.

—Pay attention to age limits. Age limits are put on toys for several reasons, both cognitive and for safety. They have been developed over time based on case studies and research, so it’s best not to second guess them. Babies won’t learn if they are bored or frustrated with a toy that isn’t suited to them, and the last thing any parent needs is a visit to the hospital.

—Simple is sometimes better. For small babies, who are just learning to grasp and understand cause and effect, simple toys are sometimes the best. Blocks and caterpillar toys can be just as fascinating as other, expensive toys.

Experienced parents learn pretty quickly the frustration of spending a lot of money on toys that don’t do much more than collect dust.

—Don’t buy used toys. As tempting as it is in this economy, try not to buy used toys. They may have broken or missing parts and may have toxic chemicals. The best baby learning toys aren’t necessarily the most expensive ones, but one that will engage your baby.

—Texture, color, shape. Babies love the feel of different textures, colors and shapes. They love to touch, and touching for a baby is learning. Buy learning toys that allow babies to explore the world’s different shapes and textures safely.

Buying babies toys can be a hit or miss proposition. What engages one baby will leave another completely uninterested. So don’t worry if your little one ignores their toys at first, they likely gain interest later.

Top Tips For Finding The Best Learning Toys

As a parent, it can be difficult to decide between the age-appropriate learning toys that are available, whether you have a newborn baby or a seven-year-old child. I know that finding the right learning toys for my daughters involved some research before running across some helpful tips about choosing the best learning toys.

The first thing is asking whether the toy is going to be fun for the child to play with. A child learns more from toys they enjoy playing with, because they will play with them longer. This might mean you need to balance the complexity of the challenge the toy presents with the fun it provides. Most interactive teaching games use interesting colors, characters or videos, which may be the most suited for your child’s attention span.

It helps to match the learning toys with your child’s personal interests because they will tend to play with it more. You might remember wanting to be a doctor or nurse when you were younger. On the other hand, you might have wanted to be a policeman or fireman, ballerina or princess. It can be helpful to learn what your child is most fascinated with because they will view the learning toys as a real-life tool to help them in their imaginary occupation, if they are related.

If your child is independent and patient, you can find learning toys that will keep them occupied for hours. Keep in mind that board games aren’t that fun with only one player. Some of today’s electronic learning games are interactive and might include computer use. On the other hand, young children might love wooden puzzles, building blocks or Legos and even coloring in a coloring book can provide creative ways to keep their mind occupied, without other children or adults around.

You want to help the child develop social skills and there are some types of toys that encourage group play. Many young girls love playing house or school, while young boys might enjoy playing with train sets or army men. While these seem a little sexist, there still seems to be a gender line for many young children. Sometimes, you might consider learning toys that develop motor skills and encourage physical exercise, even if it is a bike, trampoline or other types of physical games. These are just a few of the tips to consider, however.